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helios KSM 2000 NF

Oil analysis lubricants for of water-miscible cooling lubricants

Qualified meaningful analysis of the emulsion used. Oil in water in batches. Do not forget.

Latest Generation 2015: helios KSM 2050 (boron-free, chlorine-free, formaldehyde-free, etc)

Very high productivity due to less use of concentrate. helios KSM 2050 is an advanced, semi-synthetic, boron-free emulsion technology that offers an extremely long lubricant life and increased stock removal than conventional products.

Does not contain boron, formaldehyde, chlorine and phenol. Contains only after TRGS611 approved amines: excellent EHS profile (environment, health and safety)


helios KSM 2050 boron-free emulsion technology, specifically designed for light to medium machining of steel and cast iron. Due to the good wetting properties of the machines pollute significantly less than conventional coolants also be used for grinding of cast iron. Due to its extreme durability, the product of central systems and individual machines is filled. The modern technology extends the boron-free emulsion life without regular Biozidbehandlungen. The product is designed for medium to hard water.

helios KSM 2000 NF (special for aluminum machining, used successfully for decades) is a universal, chlorine-free, semi-synthetic concentrate containing any secondary amines, and can thus do not form nitrosamines. Delivers in water slightly milky emulsion for heavy and very heavy machining, also of cast iron, ductile incl - and cast iron, non-ferrous metals, aluminum.
Special alloys can be used. 100% emulsion stability, bio-stable and-maintenance, very good corrosion protection and longer service life of the tools are special features of the product.

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